List Processing

On-Line Data Provides List Processing Services for Target Marketing

In the South Bend, Indiana facility, On-Line Data's List Processing services are designed to help companies reach their target market in the most cost effective manner possible. On-Line Data can obtain mailing databases for virtually any target audience.

Do you already have a database you're maintaining and still want to do a mailing? On-Line Data can also maintain your database in virtually any transfer medium including computer disk, printout, e-mail attachments or even handwritten pieces of paper, Then, On-Line Data can add, delete and change names and addresses as needed for just pennies per item. We can even CASS Certify and Move / Update your database if needed.

All of On-Line Data's list services can be used in combination with professional laser printing and mail merging. Essentially, we are capable of taking your direct mail letter, personalizing it with a mailing address and name, if available; and, simultaneously address and pre-sort the corresponding envelope with a barcode.

If your business is located in our service area, contact us for a quote for all of your mailing list needs at (574) 237-0576. Or complete our Lettershop Quote Form to have a quote faxed directly to you within 48 hours.