Other Bulk Mailing Services

Other Services from On-Line Data

Not only does On-Line Data save you the time in preparing a mailing, but also can save you more money on postage for mailings that do not go first class. Don't worry whether you will have enough mail pieces designated to a specific zip code to qualify. On-Line Data simply will co-mingle your Standard A mail pieces with other client Standard A mail pieces to produce a higher volume so that we can qualify a better discount for you than you can receive on your own! Are you mailing at non-profit rates? We can do this for you too! Complete our Lettershop Quote Form to receive a written quotation within 48 business hours!

Data Entry and Inventory Services

Since 1965, On-Line Data has provided data entry services to Michiana businesses. Do you need a mailing list produced? Do you have an inventory project that needs to be updated? Our experienced data entry team is efficient, accurate and can save your business valuable time and money.

Fulfillment and Storage Service

As an additional convenience for those businesses with limited storage space, On-Line Data will even provide stock storage for your catalogs and envelopes if desired. We have clients who utilize our storage facility and simply provide On-Line Data with a weekly list of recipients that need to received their information. We mail the catalog directly from our facility the same day we receive the mailing list.