What is Pre-Sorting?

What is Postal Pre-Sorting and How Can On-Line Data Help?

We schedule your business on one of our daily routes that run Monday through Friday. On-Line Data will collect your daily first class mail which you have already metered at a discounted rate. At our production facilities we co-mingle and process the mail from over 150 current business customers to produce qualified, co-mingled pre-barcoded mail for the USPS, as well as save these customers time and money. This creates a "win-win-win" situation for all three parties: you, the USPS and On-Line Data.

After the mail arrives at one of our two plants and is cleared for processing, it is fed into our Multi-Line Optical Character Reader (MLOCR) machines which verify the addresses, spray the corresponding 11 digit delivery point barcodes directly onto the letters and then sort them into downstream bins by zipcode. This sorted mail, tray packaged, labeled and strapped is delivered to the USPS Business Mail dock each business day for same day processing. The key to first-class postal discounts in this scenario is combining each customer's mail with mail from our other presort customers.

We do the work, you save the money. It's that easy!

To qualify for the discount, the United States Postal Service requires a minimum of 500 pieces per mailing to be sorted and prepackaged into zip code groups. These zip code groups can be difficult for an individual mailer to achieve in-house, particularly when the mailing may have a combination of local, regional or national zip codes. The value we offer to you is that you can always achieve the presort discounted postage rate simply by having your mail co-mingled with multitudes of our clients' business mail and having it processed by our sorting equipment daily.

In addition to providing our mailing customers with a presort discount through reduced postage, On-Line Data earns its' income from the USPS by picking up your mail, applying the barcode, sorting it, packaging it and delivering it to them for you daily.

To learn more about how On-Line Data can service your business, contact our Sales department at (574) 237-0087. Or, e-mail us.